Saturday, August 14, 2010

Review: Riding the Rest of the Kalkhoff Line

Sometime ago, I test rode the top-of-the-line Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport for a week. I was impressed with its component mix, accessories, performance, and overall quality.  I was interested in trying the remaining models in their line, and I recently spent a sunny, if cool, afternoon test riding several models. Since the electronics and batteries used (the 250-watt 26 volt Panasonic mid-drive system) are the same across their product line, I was fairly comfortable that I could make a good comparison based on a shorter ride. Here are my impressions of the rest of their line:

Pro Connect
One step down from the Pro Connect Sport, the Pro Connect lacks the reassuring stopping power of the Magura hydraulic rim brakes.  It does feature a similar aggressive riding position but changes rear hub spec to the 8-speed Shimano Alfine hub; at $2,999, it is $400 less than the Sport model. At this price point, though, I think the upgrade to the Sport model is well worth the money. The Pro Connect is available in both a diamond frame and a "Wave" (step-through) version.

Tasman in "Wave" frame-way
Suggesting a slightly more upright ride, the Tasman is also outfitted with more comfort-related accessories, like a fully encased chain and a skirt guard on the rear wheel, as well as the hydraulic rim brakes. The Tasman retails for $2,799, and also comes in a diamond and Wave frame styles.

The Agattu is the comfortable around town cruiser, and is only available in Wave frame style.  Like the Tasman, the Agattu also features dynamo hub powered front and rear lights, as well as suspension seat post and gel saddle. It retails for $2,499.

So what's my overall impression?  I think I prefer the Tasman - it's got the solid brake performance, is nicely accessorized, and I prefer the riding style over either Pro Connect model. That said, they're all solid ebikes. This is all very subjective - the best way to figure out which one you prefer is to ride them all. To further the utility of an around-town bike, I'd suggest adding a security chain, and consider permanently mounting at least one basket.


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