Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ebike Market Review

If you believe the internet/NYT/etc, there are a lot of studies on the ebike market, and that it is poised to explode.  One of the best summaries I've seen in a long time was filmed at 2009 Interbike convention, and featured some industry heavy-hitters.  Its worth a watch:


  1. Tried to leave a comment, but technology bit me.

    Take 2! Please visit my blogs; velorep is B2B & Velochef is really for the user.

    I have started a blog post on finding ways to assist the Ebike industry to help develop itself.

  2. For those interested in gaining a perspective on the electric bicycle industry please visit the VeloRep blog. There you will find a series on "How the Electric Bicycle Industry can flourish during 2010 and beyond".

    Basically, the market isn't going to invent itself, probably because very few people know anything about ebikes. The series looks at what we know, and develops a methodology on how to attract new users, and what to do when they arrive on a vendor's website.

    Always happy to hear views from others in and around the electric bike business.



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