Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The eBike Shelf: Mastering Cycling, by John Howard

I didn't expect "Mastering Cycling", by John Howard, to be completely relevant to people on ebikes, as it's targeted to Masters class (30+ years of age) racers, but I was pleasantly surprised to find several chapters with some good tips for anyone on an ebike. Turns out the title has a double meaning - it's both about Masters racing, and about perfecting your skills as an everyday cyclist.

Written by a cycling racing coach with many years of experience and an impressive array of clients, Mastering Cycling is an easy read, and it has some good take-aways. In particular, I found the chapters on Bike Setup and Perfecting Bike-Handling Skills to be particularly interesting. Many, if not most, ebikes aren't configured or designed to the perfect racing form. Likewise, many cars aren't designed to be F-1 stars. Understanding the compromises made between optimum efficiency and comfort or cargo-carrying capacity helped me understand my riding preferences, and make some subtle, yet significant changes.

To the cycling racer, chapters on nutrition, seasonal training, and race strategy would no doubt be vital information to build a successful Masters racing season, or career. To the ebiker, it's also useful to know what the racers we often ride with are anticipating in terms of traffic flow.

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