Monday, April 12, 2010

eBike News: Ban, Share, Infusion, Change, New

(An irregular rundown of what's new and fun in ebikes. Got a tip? I'd love to hear it!)

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada considering banning ebikes from sidewalks and trails. They're already banned from sidewalks in the US when operated under battery power, but legal on trails/MUP.

eBike activist looking to tap soft drink fund for several college ebike co-ops/rental services. Lucky UMinn, Iowa State.

Conversion kit maker Currie scores $6.5m investment infusion.

EU may announce changes to exisiting ebike law, allowing higher power/top assisted speed. Since many US models are built to European specs, could this drive changes in the US market as well?

Raleigh (using Panasonic electronics), Velorbis (handbuilt to order!) enter the ebike market.

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