Wednesday, April 28, 2010

eBike News, Updated Irregularly: Kona, UK, Lexus, 1300w, and $575

Kona announces a new line of 3 ebikes - the e-Ticket and e-Token appear to be new frames, and the Electric Ute looks like a slight modification to their existing long tail cargo bike. 250w front hubs, with Schwinn-like battery placement under the rear rack and controller mounted to seat tube. No word on price or local availability. My guess would be a 24v system, but that's pure speculation.

A roadside assistance service specifically for ebikes debuts in the UK.

Lexus shows off their latest hybrid concept bike - a belt driven electronically-shifted Shimano rear hub and a 240w front motorized hub. Pretty! It would be tough to mount accessories to it.

Practically another concept: Hungary-based M55 launches an ebike built around a single-piece aluminum frame. With a 250w motor street-legal version and a 1300w off-road version, they plan low production volume at 250/year. Looks like it includes a CycleAnalyst.

The San Diego Source wrote an interesting story about an ebike commuter, detailing the $575 he saves annually by ebiking vs. driving. The "hospital bills are extra" was a sneaky little jab; if in a car accident, he'd have hospital bills, too.


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