Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bike Route Planning: NE Holman

I briefly hung up the PDXebiker cap today and attended my first local bike planning input meeting, presented by PBOT. They're making some changes to NE Holman to create a "neighborhood greenway"; since we live nearby, I was attending as a neighbor, as well an interested ebiker.

I'll post links to their website after they upload details, but I was impressed with the quality and depth of analysis that obviously went into the plan. I was also surprised to see a strong turnout and enthusiasm and a high degree of engagement from the audience. I even saw some familiar ebikers!

One of the more exciting parts of the upcoming plan is expanding a small pocket park across NE Holman. It will retain bicycle and pedestrian paths, but increase the size of the park significantly; there was strong vocal support for this part of the plan from the audience.

In short, its good to know that this kind of work is going into building out our bicycle infrastructure. As ebikers, it's important that we lend our voices in support of this as well. I'm going to try and make a point of attending more of these sessions in the future.

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