Thursday, May 13, 2010

Metro Adds an eBike; Come Check It Out!

Today, Oregon Metro added an ebike to their motor pool. It will be available for employees to use in lieu of a motorized pool vehicle. Based on a few minutes in the lobby as it was handed over, it will be a popular alternative to borrowing a car. As a prerequisite to riding the Pathfinder, Metro will require that employees complete a basic bike/ebike safety class, to ensure they're ready for the road.

The bike Metro purchased is a white Pathfinder ST from The eBike Store. I spent a week in a long term test of this model, and found it to be a comfortable bike and an easy transition into ebiking.

Later this afternoon (4-6pm), Metro is hosting a launch event for the latest iteration of the Bike There! map. The Pathfinder will be there to check out, as well as their new cargo bike, goldsprint races, free tune ups, and a lot of other bikey fun. Metro offices are located at 600 NE Grand.

Update, May 21:

Here's a video produced by Metro highlighting their new bike options: the aforementioned ebike, as well as a cargo bike.

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