Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome Hard Drive Readers!

You may have found me today through the Oregonian's story about electric bikes. I've posted this as an open forum - if you've got a question or comment to share, feel free to post it as a response here.


  1. "Worse, they have threatened to throw him and his bicycle into the Willamette River."

    what? seriously? geez, portland, have a heart.

  2. Wow, I think the ebike is a very reasonable compromise to get people out of their cars. Who are these people who are so hard-core and righteous they call-down people for using power assist? I'd like to get one myself! I have friends who are very much on the hard core side of the bike/car war and I can't even imagine they'd be so rude. I think these few people are perhaps over-quoted or is there possibly ta bit of over-sensitivity on your part? Not to get down on you or anything. I don't know but I bet the majority of bikers out there really aren't saying those kind of things. At the very least, lets not start another factional division between the e-bikers and the peddlers. Perhaps these comments are best ignored.