Thursday, June 17, 2010

ePedalpalooza - What are Your Plans?

Well, we're almost halfway through Pedalpalooza - the eBike Ride is over, and it might not rain. Rain much more, anyway. The eBike Ride was great; did it inspire you to go on other rides as well? It inspired me - I've been on the following other rides:

Tiny Home Tour
A fun jaunt around NE Portland to look at small houses and ADUs. There's a SE version this weekend; highly recommended.

Accupuncture Ride
I was just riding to a food cart when a group of people rode by. I caught up and inquired, turns out they were the Accupuncture Ride. I trailed for a couple of blocks.

Hidden Routes of NE Portland
A great tour of little-known shortcuts and alternative bike routes around N and NE Portland. Do you know about the shortcut from Commercial to Freemont?

Mrs. PDXebiker and I are also considering the following rides - we'll probably skip the World Naked Bike Ride, though.

Fort, Food, Fort


Tandem Ride

Costco Run

Sunday Parkways (here's my preview of the route)

Saraveza's New Belgium Bike Party

What about you? What rides have you been on, and what are you thinking about going on?

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