Wednesday, June 30, 2010

April Streeter "My Year of E...", Treehugger, 3/15/2010

(Much of the impetus behind starting this blog was to raise awareness of ebikes as legal and viable forms of transportation, for both current and aspiring riders. As such, I'm going to start keeping a finger on the pulse of attitudes towards ebikes online. It's completely subjective, of course, but it could be interesting to see how it plays out. I'll summarize the article and tally positive, neutral, and negative comments. To be fair, I won't consider the author's or my comments in positive/neutral/negative counts.)

"My Year of "E" or, Joining the Electric Bike Revolution," author April Streeter writes a quick summary of her new Eneloop. Initially skeptical regarding ebikes, the climb sells her, and she sets out to document her first year on an ebike.

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