Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to Test Next?

So I'm wrapping up my latest review (adding picturey goodness), and am starting to wonder what I should think about testing next. So I'll throw this question out there - what do you all think I should test next? And, if you've got access to one that I could borrow for a week, so much the better!

(I probably won't be testing a Stokemonkey equipped bakfiets for a week, but for a hop around the block, it was a hoot!)


  1. Sam,

    Have you ever ridden an electric Rans V2/26?
    (i.e. dual 26" wheel electric recumbent)

    ;-) Tom

  2. I haven't ridden that bike, but if you've got one to loan me for a week, I'm game!

  3. longtail ebike like extracycle? folding ebikes? recumbents? i guess i don't know enough about the different kinds of bikes to know what's left to test.

    an electric bakfiets makes total sense to me: that's the only way i'd buy one!

  4. Unless I totally miss my guess as to the perspective of the photo associated with this post, I can only suggest to continue to include any ebike test route with a stop at the new Breakside Brewery on Dekum. Good place!

  5. Sam,

    Let's plan a Springwater corridor ride and
    we can swap bikes for the ride.
    I'd be curious to see what you think of
    a dual 26" recumbent...

  6. Sounds good moxbox, drop me an email and we can start planning. Anyone else want to join? If so, I'll post more details as they develop.