Thursday, June 10, 2010

Freebies at Pedalpalooza

OK, I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for free. Offer me something for free, I'll eagerly take you up on it. Local popsicle purveyor SolPops frequently tweet-offers free pops (though I had to do the "truffle shuffle" for one recently-I eagerly swapped dignity for mango-lime). Grand Central Bakery occasionally tweets offers for free loaves of bread; I'm a regular. In short, I get 'free'.

In reading this year's Pedalpalooza ride guide, I was struck at the number of events that involve something free. And I don't mean potluck, where sure, you don't HAVE to bring something, but poaching a potluck is seriously lame. Here's a rundown of Pedalpalooza events that, at least according to the description, purport to offer something free:

(Don't forget The eBike Ride Sat., June 12. And of course, with Pedalpalooza, the fun is always free.)

Thursday, June 10 (hey that's today!)
Bingo Masters Coffee - free coffee to people on bikes every Thursday during Pedalpalooza.
Splendid Cycles Grand Opening Bash "Food and beverages provided"

Friday, June 13

Breakfast on the Bridges - free donuts
Bicycle Film Fest - free "PeeWee's Big Adventure"

Saturday, June 14
More free PeeWee at the Portland Rock Gym. Maybe smores?

Sunday, June 15

Scrapper Ride - free bike decorating materials

Wednesday June 16
Lubador Libre - free chain lube! 8-9am, Broadway Bridge

Thursday, June 17

Crullers and Coffee
Free coffee at Bingo Masters

Friday, June 18
Breakfast on the Bridges - free donuts!

Saturday, June 19
Pedal-Balloon-za! Free balloons, courtesy The Lippman Co.

Tuesday, June 22
Mocktails and Hors D'oeurves Off the Bridges - free snacks

Wednesday, June 23

Coffee on Clay

Thursday, June 24
Free Food Ride (Or: What's Fun About Bike Fun)

Friday, June 25
Breakfast on the Bridges

Bike-In Movie at the Hawthorne Hostel - "The Wiz" Pre-movie live music and food

Saturday, June 25
St John's Bike-In Movie "Breaking Away"

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