Saturday, June 12, 2010

The eBike Ride Report 2010

(I was working on this longer post with pictures, but if you rode with us, please comment below! Thanks all, I had a great time!)

We assembled between noon and 12:30 at The eBike Store, caffeinated, chatted a bit about route selection and other considerations, and headed out. With as diverse a mix of participants as ebikes, we found a large vacant lot, and played musical ebikes, getting to try out as many as we liked. I liked the tandem recumbent, with the highest number of freewheels per rider as I think I've ever seen. I also got to ride a new Ohm ebike, and rode a 48v ebike for the first time. Which bikes did you like?

We left the tests, and headed into the Pearl via the Broadway Bridge. Traffic was light as the Rose Parade had already ended, though we missed couple parade riders in the confusion. We managed to stay fairly well together, and arrived at our next stop, Kalkhoff USA's showroom. Water and gummy bears enjoyed by all, we waved goodbye to a portion of our recumbent riders, and headed downtown.

I'd heard there was going to be a Steel Bridge lift; unfortunately we were just in time for it. Rather than waiting, we opted for a slow meander down the west bank path, and returned to find the Steel Bridge down and traffic cleared.

We had a minor technical issue with an overheated motor controller; while futzing with a cold pack from the first aid kit, the controller cooled off enough to resume our trip. We ducked into Sol Pops on Williams for a quick refreshment, and eventually returned to The eBike Store.

As you see in the comments below, it sounds like everyone had a great time! We'll have to try to all get together again soon.


  1. I'll break the ice. I really enjoyed trying out a bunch of different rides, and putting names with faces (or emails, or twitter handles, etc). Hope to see you all again soon!

  2. thanks, sam! it was fun!

  3. I missed the ebike ride due to prior commitments. Keeping my fingers crossed for some more rides in the future that I might join in on.


  4. Very Fun. I am thinking it needs to a regular thing. Thanks all, and especially Sam for a very enjoyable afternoon.

    While you are spreading goodness, keep this weather rolling!


  5. Here's the ride report I posted to It's great to have coverage like this! And Gretchin, you've been to a lot of rides - what's your experience been like?

  6. It was a pleasure to meet everyone! Thanks to Sam for organizing the ride and to Wake for hosting the starting location.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Thanks Sam,

    That was a fun ride, and great to meet all of you. So when are we going to do it again?

  8. Sorry I was not able to attend the ride. It sounds like you all had a good time. The sun was out which was unusual. Keep me posted for the next ride.

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