Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Belated poorly written review - E-moto ebikes

I hadn't planned to write a review of the e-Moto bikes when I visited with them recently at the NorthWest Bike Expo, so I have neither notes nor a photograph (I'd like the notes, I'm sure you would like the photograph). But of course, they're online, so check them out here.

Here are my impressions - a full line of ebikes (mtn bike, cruiser, commuter, folder), aluminum framed. They're generally 24v batteries, so practical speed is probably around the 15 mph range, which is a little underpowered for the domestic market but do claim a 25m range. The smaller form factor battery, though, makes for some interesting battery placement - the mtn bike mounts the battery at the head tube, for instance. The midframe mounted battery looks to be a clean installation. They spec both front and rear hub motors across their product line, all with torque-sensing pedal assist. The company started with more traditional scooters, but found distribution to be a challenge, and added the ebike line. Riding in a circle in the Expo's demo area (which e-Moto sponsored, thanks guys!) is admittedly nowhere near a complete test ride, but based on that, I'd say it seems a legitimate consideration. Most of their models come nicely accessorized with lights, built in locks, and some models come with baskets pre-installed.

My request for a local distributor went unanswered, but they do show for sale at REI and Sears, as well as other retailers. Columbia Scooters is listed as a local dealer, but as they're a scooter-only shop, I'm not sure they would carry the ebike line.

Nicely accessorized

24v battery could be underpowered

Updated, 3/6: Columbia Scooters let me know that they do not carry the e-moto ebikes, just the scooters.

Updated, 3/13:
Best Buy at Cascade Station is not currently carrying the E-moto line.


  1. No pictures?!? Have you followed up with Columbia Scooters to see they will take orders for them?

  2. No word back from Columbia Scooters as to whether or not they stock or can sell the e-moto ebike. Will follow up. Thanks, @DanR!

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