Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Likes Planet Bike? I Do.

Planet Bike Beamer 3 LED Bicycle Light with Quick Cam Bracket MountAcross our fleet, Mrs. PDXebiker and I probably own a dozen Planet Bike (hereafter PB) lights, from the small blinkies to the 3-led model. I've always been happy with their lights - cheap, functional - everything a light should be. But I didn't think much more about them as a company. But then things changed...

Planet Bike Full ATB Front and Rear Bicycle Fender Set (60mm Wide)In response to a question from Mrs. PDXebiker regarding replacement bike lock keys, PB responded by replacing 3 ulocks with newer, more secure models. Then, I installed several pairs of fenders across the fleet, and was impressed at their quality, function, and value. When I found my fingers getting cold at the beginning of this winter, I was more than willing to try out a pair of Planet Bike gloves, specifically the Borealis.Planet Bike Borealis Fall/Winter Full Finger (Medium)

They were good gloves, and kept my hands pretty warm. Nicely windproof, warm and dry. I only got cold fingers riding in sub-20 temperatures. The fleece liner was nice, but had a tendency to fold in on itself, making it difficult to insert your fingers fully into the glove. But as they broke in, it seemed to happen less often.

After a season of use, I noticed the neoprene near the velcro was starting to separate, perhaps as a result of pulling them on firmly in order to properly set the lining. I mentioned this off-hand in my LBS, and without a second thought, the gloves were replaced. Great!

Unfortunately, this pair had the same liner issue. On a temperate late winter evening, frustrated that the liner wouldn't co-operate, I cut the liner out. Impatient, yes, but it was cooling off, getting dark, and I was ready to get home. As I rode home, I realized that as Spring was coming, I probably didn't need the weight of a winter glove. Time for a new pair of gloves!

I hadn't planned to consider Planet Bike gloves, having had issues with the previous pair, but based on her good experience with them previously about locks, Mrs. PDXebiker wisely insisted I contact PB and let them know. Without a second thought, they offered to replace the current pair, either with the same model, or a different model. I requested their Spring-weight glove, the Aquilo.

Planet Bike Aquilo Full Finger Glove Medium BlackImagine my surprise some days later when I received not only the Aquilo, but also a replacement pair of the Borealis gloves! Planet Bike, you've got me for life.

(Oh, and they sponsored's coverage of the National Bike Summit. PB may be based in WI, but that's local activism at its best. Thanks guys!)

Updated, 3/23:
Now with pictorial goodness! Thanks, DanR.


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