Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Woman's Year of the eBike

Local blogger April Streeter writes on Treehugger.com:

"My Year of "E"
That's why I decide to document my first year of e-biking, to see if a) I lose or gain any weight b) ride more or less than I habitually have done (imperfectly measured by a rise or fall in my Zipcar bills, and c) find a noticeable increase in my electric bill from frequent charging of the bike (estimated to be just a few cents per charge, which takes 3.5 hours).

My starting weight was 115. My first week of biking I rode 33.4 miles. Zipcar miles = 0. Happiness factor = high."

Its great to see another ebiker out there - keep us posted on your year of E!

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