Saturday, March 13, 2010

Take That, Schwalbe!

I'm doing a long term test of a Schwalbe Marathon Plus on the front wheel of the ebike. Schwalbes are notoriously flat resistant, so I wasn't sure how to put it through its paces. A ride down Marine Drive to Cascade Station and back up Killingsworth didn't seem like enough of a test, so I'm going to ill-advisedly invoke karma:

Gosh, I haven't had a flat tire for a long time!

That should give the Schwalbe a good workout. I only hope the back tire, used as a control, is up to the challenge.

Its been less than a week, and the highly reflective brake dust is already starting to build up.

Update, 3/20:
Cripes, I'm having a heckuva time re-seating the bead in this tire uniformly. I don't have tons of experience seating beads, but I know the wubba-wubba feel, and I know what to do to correct it. This tire doesn't seem to want to respond. Maybe its mocking me for some undeserved sidewall wear. Otherwise, more glass, no flats!


  1. You are at one month now, how is fairs the Schwalbe?

  2. So far, so good! There seem to have been a spate of accidents/breakins/construction in the areas I ride, but I haven't had any problems. Granted, I haven't had any problems on the rear, non-Schwalbe tire. Ride quality is fine, tho its tough to gauge rolling resistance. Since its a bit more involved to repair a flat on the motored hub of an ebike wheel, I think it would have to take a pretty colossal blow out to counter a positive conclusion.

    The bead seating issue continues, but I don't fault the tire for that. I've reseated it a couple times(and getting more proficient at it), and its definitely better; I'm going to take another swing at it this weekend, as I'll have the tire off for another reason.

    Thanks for the question!

  3. Another update - finally got the tire to seat correctly, through careful and slow inflation and a strategically applied tire lever. Turns out the bead on the inside of the rim is actually pretty small, and the bead of the tire doesn't work well with it.

    I think this is becoming a sidewall test, rather than a tread test. Both still holding up handily.